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How You Play the Game and Other Truisms We Can Learn from the Olympics

Remember all those adages we learned as kids? The ones we are now teaching our own kids? Like “practice makes perfect,” for example. I used to hate hearing this because, well, I hated practicing. Especially the piano. There were just … Continue reading

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Do We Really Need That Kind of Karma?

I’m not really a big believer in karma. If what goes around truly comes around, then people who work hard would not have to struggle financially, and those who sit back and do nothing would not reap the benefits of … Continue reading

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Olympic Sports My Toddler Should Compete In

Every four years, countries across the globe unite in the spirit of competition. We all watch as our athletes vie for a medal. Our hearts swell with pride when we see our flag raised for all to see. We find … Continue reading

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The Mother Hen Lines Her Nest

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The past few days have seen a flurry of activity. In preparation for Hatchling’s arrival, we are in the process of changing the sleeping arrangements in our house. Omelette will move to what is now the office/junk room, and Early … Continue reading

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Rubber Ducks are Not on the Schedule Today

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Probably one of the biggest arguments in our household has to do with scheduling and following routines. Despite having spent most of his adult years in the armed forces, Roostler is one of the most unstructured people I know. Perhaps … Continue reading

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When Good Days Go Bad

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At the moment my life is quite literally a mess. The state of my house provides proof enough of this. With two chairs currently occupied by laundry that has yet to be folded and put away, toys strewn all over … Continue reading

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For the Love of Elmo, Whose World is it Anyway?

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Like many in my generation, I grew up watching Sesame Street. It was a different neighborhood then. No one but Big Bird could see Mr. Snuffleupagus. There were no ridiculous accusations that Bert and Ernie were gay. (And even if they were, that … Continue reading

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When Mama’s Not Happy…

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Last Thursday began with a full-blown temper tantrum that included screaming, crying, and even the throwing of an object. Yes, someone was not happy that she did not get her way. And no, it wasn’t the feisty toddler or even the often … Continue reading

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How a Mother Hen Names Her Chicks

One of the most fun (and perhaps most frustrating) parts of being an expectant parent is choosing a name for the new baby. Although we have tossed a couple of possibilities back and forth, we have not really gotten serious about what we … Continue reading

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On Springing Forward

As of this moment I am literally caught between two times. The clock in the lower right corner of my computer screen reads 7:52 AM, but the time on my cell phone, which is to my left, reads 6:52. Yes, the … Continue reading

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