What’s Great About Eight

Back in December, a little town in Connecticut faced an unimaginable horror when a man entered an elementary school and began shooting. That night parents across the country hugged their kids a little tighter and lingered in bedroom doorways just … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Cake!

A couple of weeks ago, I sat in the parents’ area at Early Bird’s gymnastics class and listened to some of the other moms sharing their plans for upcoming birthday parties. The mother of a soon-to-be four-year-old proudly revealed that she and … Continue reading

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It’s Not the End of the World

Last year, I stumbled upon a post written by a 37-year-old woman reflecting on the advice she would give herself at 17. In a few days, I will be 37, and though I was thinner and less rumpled 20 years ago, from … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Politeness

Parenting involves teaching children what they can and can’t do in polite society. Of course, these lessons happen in the context of real life, often causing quite a bit of embarrassment on the part of the parents. Take, for example, the lesson … Continue reading

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Story of a Morning

6:20 AM — Baby is stirring. Alarm doesn’t go off for another ten minutes. I am opposed to getting up before the alarm. She can wait another ten minutes, surely. 6:22 AM — Okay, okay, I’m up. 6:45 AM — … Continue reading

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Go the Eff to Sleep!

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Like many, I have made a list of things to do or change in 2013, but I am not calling them resolutions. Those are something to be broken. Goals, rather, are something to work … Continue reading

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A Picture Isn’t Always Worth a Thousand Words

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When Omelette was a baby, someone snapped a picture of her sleeping on her daddy’s chest as he lay sleeping on the couch. It’s one of those pictures that might trigger the “how sweet” response. But, pictures don’t always tell … Continue reading

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Letter to My Daughters

Dear Children of Mine, You drive me crazy. I mean literally crazy. I was a completely sane person before you came into my life. Well, maybe not completely sane, but I could at least get out of the house with … Continue reading

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Letter to Santa: Please Don’t Bring My Kid an iPod

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Dear Santa, I have been reasonably good this year. The kids are still alive, so obviously I didn’t kill them. I may have yelled at them a time or two, and in so doing, I may have brought them to … Continue reading

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Coming to Term

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The other day, I read that women who have C-sections or whose babies are premature are more likely to suffer from postpartum depression. As a woman who has experienced both, I can understand why. Having a C-section involves more pain after the fact, … Continue reading

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